5 Common Allergens in the Workplace & How to Eliminate Them

Do some of your workers keep sneezing at work for no obvious reason and complain about constant headaches? Have you noticed increased absenteeism since the weather changed? “What lies behind this?” you may begin to wonder.

According to recent studies, 40 to 50 million Americans struggle with allergies every year. What if your workers are among them? Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate their symptoms. Hiring pros who offer office cleaning services in Lafayette, IN, to keep your premises spick and span is a good way to start. But there are some other things you need to know. Keep reading to learn more! 

How do you reduce allergens in the office?

Not only are allergies one of the most common reasons people miss work, but they also reduce productivity, as they can be rather distracting. Your team members can easily lose focus if they feel ill, repeatedly sneeze, or get a rash. 

So what can you do to reduce allergens in your office space and improve indoor air quality? There are a few steps to follow.

First off, identify the most common allergens that might be lurking in your office. These usually include dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander, and VOCs. This is what you can do to keep them in check: 

  1. Keep dust mites under control

Hire professionals to clean your carpets, dust your work area, and complete other upkeep tasks regularly. You can also remove any unnecessary carpets to minimize dust-related symptoms. Finally, encourage your employees to cultivate a dust-free working environment by regularly wiping their desks.

  1. Combat mold

Like other allergens, mold can cause sneezing, itchy eyes, nose and throat, a runny or stuffy nose, etc. The best way to eliminate mold from your workplace is to clean it regularly and to attend to any water leakage on time. Plants are a source of moisture that can spawn mold, so consider moving indoor plants to a far-away corner.

  1. Keep your employees safe from seasonal allergies 

Pollen enters your offices through windows and air ventilation, so make sure your premises have adequate air filtration. You should replace air filters and maintain heating and air conditioning systems at least twice a year. 

Also, avoid opening windows during transitional seasons. If this isn’t possible, place pollen-sensitive workers far away from windows to lessen pollen influence.

  1. Reduce pet dander

Even though your company may not be pet-friendly, some of your workers might have pets. Pet hair remains attached to the clothes for a long time, so you can either invest in hair removal rollers or avoid placing pet owners close to people with animal allergies. 

  1. Keep VOCs at a minimum

 Volatile Organic Compounds irritate the lungs and can cause headaches, nausea, and skin irritation. They are found in numerous maintenance products, air fresheners, and furniture. Don’t use plug-ins and aerosol air fresheners and switch to products with no VOCs. Also, choose natural materials when furnishing your offices.

If you don’t have a in-house janitorial team, a safe way to implement the above strategies is to book professional assistance from a local company. 

Who offers reliable office cleaning services in Lafayette, IN?

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