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10 Important Dos & Don’ts of Office Cleaning

How many hours does your team spend at their desks? Sometimes more than 40 hours a week, right? Your premises in Fishers, IN, are like a second home to them. For this very reason, you should hire reliable office cleaning services, as clutter, dirt, and germs can adversely affect your… Read More

A Brief History of Cleaning & Cleaners

Your Fishers, IN, office upkeep depends on commercial cleaning services, and you really wouldn’t know what you’d do without them. You like their maintenance approach and supplies as they give the optimal results for your premises to shine. But have you ever wondered about the origins of this industry… Read More

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Janitorial Service, Pt. 2

If you own a business in Carmel, IN, you probably strive to create a thriving environment for your team. Trustworthy janitorial services can help you greatly in this as they can make your premises spick and span for your organization to shine. So how can you find them? The previous… Read More

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Janitorial Service, Pt. 1

If you’re looking for janitorial services for your premises in Carmel, IN, you’ll soon discover it’s not as straightforward as you thought it’d be. With so many commercial companies on the market, it’s hard to pick one. But there’s a catch: you must ask your potential cleaners the right questions. Read More

5 Qualities to Look For in a Janitorial Service

Do you own a business in Carmel? Are you looking for a janitorial service for your offices but not sure which one to hire? Well, no wonder you’re reluctant to make a choice. There are so many commercial companies out there. And all guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction and top services. Read More

5 Benefits of Hiring Janitorial Services

As a business owner, you strive to inspire your workers to do their best and get desired results daily. You’ve created a collaborative atmosphere where everyone cooperates and you’re proud of your team’s achievements.  But what do you do for your premises? How do you make them hygienic? This is… Read More

How To Keep Office Electronics Sanitary at All Times

Your favorite electronic devices are magnets for dirt and germs. Just think of how many times you touch them during your workday. You can’t even count. All this can potentially endanger your and your colleagues’ health, so you really need to do something about it. So how can you… Read More

Office Deep Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know

Hiring janitors to wipe here and there around your space just to make it look presentable won’t create a healthy working environment for your organization to prosper. To ensure that your office is as tidy and sanitary as possible, you’ll need a more comprehensive service that covers every inch… Read More

A Brief Glossary of Commercial Cleaning Terms & Definitions

If you’re like most people, you’re probably using disinfection, sanitization, and clean-up as synonyms. With so many responsibilities on your plate, it’s no wonder that you’d often confuse a deep clean and regular maintenance, for example. These are just some of the terms industry professionals use while doing their job. Read More

12 Interesting Facts About Office Cleaning

You know that workplace hygiene is vital for your business’s prosperity. No one can really thrive working in a cluttered and oppressive environment, can they? That’s why you strive to find the most reliable commercial cleaning companies from Logansport, IN, for your premises. You want them to be fresh and… Read More