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How to Remove Construction Dust from Tile and Hardwood Floors in 2 Steps

Wondering how to make your facility spick and span after renovations have wrapped up? Well, post construction cleaning is a series of steps that need to be carried out with utmost care. After you remove debris and leftover materials, you need to detail-clean the entire place to make… Read More

How to Remove Construction Dust From Walls and Air

Just finished a building project? Now, it’s time to make your new facility sparkle. But, you’ve noticed loads of dust everywhere. And you can’t help but wonder if it’s detrimental to people’s health. Is there a way to get rid of all that construction dust? It seems like a… Read More

Guide to Post Construction Deep Cleaning

All the construction work has been completed, and you’re thrilled because you know you’re just one step away from finalizing your entire project. All you need now is to remove all the debris, dust, and dirt from the place and make it shine. When compared to the scope of… Read More

Post Construction Cleaning: All You Need To Know

As a serious construction company, you know that your job isn’t done even after your team has finalized your ambitious building project. You can’t possibly give the keys to a dirty space full of debris and leftover material to your client, can you? On the other hand, you… Read More

Coronavirus Office Safety Guide

COVID-19 has affected all areas of our lives and changed our habits completely. All high-traffic spaces pose a threat, as they’re a possible breeding ground for this notorious virus. That’s why you need to think about the safety of your employees at work and how to preserve it, which… Read More

How to Clean Your Office Desks in 8 Simple Steps

Have you noticed that your workers sometimes neglect their workstations? While this is understandable because they work hard to meet their deadlines, it can also be counterproductive. The tidiness of your offices is crucial for your organization’s success for various reasons. Accumulation of dirt and clutter can cause… Read More

How to Sanitize Cooking Surfaces Properly

Like all responsible homeowners, you probably devote a lot of time to keeping your living space hygienic. Not only do you clean all around your home, but you also disinfect and sanitize all your surfaces regularly, as this is the only way to stop germs from invading your home. Read More

How to Disinfect Your Fridge Like a Pro

Your house abounds with appliances you use all the time, and you can’t imagine your life without them. Let’s look at your fridge, for instance. How would you keep your food safe without it? That would be mission impossible. So what’s the best way to keep your fridge nice… Read More

Tips to Improve Workplace Air Quality

Some studies report that indoor air contains up to five times more pollutants than outdoor air, making poor indoor air quality a particularly pressing issue. This directly affects you, as an employer, because indoor air quality impacts your employees, their health, and productivity. Has the performance of your employees worsened?… Read More

5 Common Allergens in the Workplace & How to Eliminate Them

Do some of your workers keep sneezing at work for no obvious reason and complain about constant headaches? Have you noticed increased absenteeism since the weather changed? “What lies behind this?” you may begin to wonder. According to recent studies, 40 to 50 million Americans struggle with allergies every year. Read More