Disinfection/Fogging Services

Sanitize entire areas and hard to reach corners with new age disinfection and fogging services!

For any company, the health and well being of its employees is the utmost priority. It is also their responsibility to maintain a clean, hygienic and safe environment at workplace. Due to the current COVID 19 crisis, it has become critical for companies to regularly disinfect and sanitize their premises. Your business runs on its people and there is nothing more important than their safety. At C&C Cleaning Services, we make it our business to keep your premises clean and germ free. We use technologically advanced methods for disinfection and fogging to ensure longer lasting and better results. 

When it comes to disinfecting and fogging your commercial premises, you can rely on us. Our technicians are trained to understand different deep cleaning needs of different surfaces. We specialize in disinfection and fogging of various spaces including office buildings, schools, banks, commercial complex and more. As an experienced professional cleaning service, we know how germs and viruses can live on surfaces for several days. We also know that hard-to- reach corners can become the thriving hub of germs and viruses, and it cannot be cleaned using regular tools. Our team comes equipped with sophisticated tools and cleaning solutions to ensure each and every nook is disinfected. We ensure uniform coverage in even hard-to-reach areas and better surface adhesion of our disinfectants. Our process is designed to sanitize a range of inanimate environmental surfaces including walls, floors, equipment, ventilation, structures and more.

C&C Cleaning Services is a name you can trust! We are true commercial cleaning professionals who work with the sole objective – achieving satisfaction of customers. Each of our technicians have undergone an extensive background check. We follow a strict vetting and training process. We ensure that our technicians –

  • Follow all recommended hygiene practices
  • Maintain social distancing while performing disinfection and fogging
  • Use only professional grade, EPA approved disinfectant

With our advanced disinfection and fogging technology, you will immediately notice the difference once our work is done. Our commitment to punctuality and quick turnaround times has won us good recommendations from our customers. We offer a flexible schedule to ensure minimum disruption to your work environment. We offer cleaning services on weekends and after hours too. Check out the video below of our President completing a quick fogging at a local business.

To know more about our disinfection and fogging services, feel free to get in touch. C&C Cleaning Services is at your service!