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Fight Off Flu Germs: Clean Your Home Efficiently After Being Sick

Now that the flu or cold is gone and you feel better, you probably don’t know where to start disinfecting your home against viruses and bacteria as you must have fallen behind with the cleaning chores while you were lying sick in bed.  Our first-rate house cleaning services in Carmel, IN… Read More

Improve Your Health with Good Cleaning Habits

It’s not a novelty that high hygiene standards are good for your health. Even children are familiar with this fact, but what is less talked about are the ways in which living in dirty and cluttered rooms affects people’s health. By providing first-class maid services in Carmel, IN, C&C Cleaning… Read More

Post Construction Cleaning: the Important End Of the Dirty Work

Whether it was just a minor remodeling of your space or complete construction of a new house, once the construction workers pack up and leave, there is an important step that can’t be skipped: post-construction clean-up. If you want to ensure excellent results, you’ll need a professional crew closely familiar… Read More

Efficient Post Construction Cleaning Step-by-Step

If you have redecorated your house for the first time or built a brand new home, perhaps it is the first time you deal with post construction cleaning and just don’t know where to start. What you probably do know is that you’ll have to remove the debris and clean… Read More

Proven Hacks For Cleaning Your House After Construction And Renovation

Nothing can compare to the moment when the renovation is over and you can’t stop admiring your refurbished and spotlessly clean house. But before you can enjoy this moment, there will be a lot of dirty work and you might need professional help to perform quick post-construction cleaning since it’s highly… Read More

Tips For Getting Rid Of Post Construction Mess

Removing the dust and dirt left after the renovation of your house is quite a daunting challenge. You may have efficient daily and weekly cleaning routines that go smoothly, but this is a different story. It’s likely you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. First, you should know… Read More

How to Disinfect Your House Against Coronavirus

As the whole world is fighting the pandemic, everybody is interested in learning how to clean the house to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus disease. This is not always easy because the information on the best cleaning practices is sometimes too scattered, difficult to follow, or even contradictory. If that’s… Read More

Cleaning Tips For Keeping the Coronavirus Out Of Your House

As the coronavirus lockdown measures are being eased around the world, people are cautious and wondering how to properly clean and disinfect homes against the coronavirus. At C&C Cleaning, we can help reduce your anxiety because we have the answer to this question. You can reach out to us for… Read More

Tips for Sanitizing Your Surfaces Effectively

Many surfaces in your home are high-touch points that must be regularly cleaned and sanitized in the proper way. It might seem like a simple task, but you should make sure that you’re not making some common mistakes while doing it. In the current coronavirus situation, you need to both… Read More

Disinfecting Your Electronics Has Never Been Easier

Special rules apply to cleaning and sanitizing household electronic devices because these surfaces are high touch points that can easily get damaged. Not to mention that they are like magnets for dust, filth and fingerprints. And what about the crumbs that infallibly find cracks and seams? It does sound like a… Read More