10 Important Dos & Don’ts of Office Cleaning

How many hours does your team spend at their desks? Sometimes more than 40 hours a week, right? Your premises in Fishers, IN, are like a second home to them. For this very reason, you should hire reliable office cleaning services, as clutter, dirt, and germs can adversely affect your team’s health and productivity.

But your coworkers have to do their share. What’s the point of hiring professionals if your employees make a mess at every step? So check out the following significant dos and don’ts of workplace maintenance and educate your team about them. Keep reading to learn more!

What are the dos & don’ts of office cleaning?

Keeping your workplace tidy is of vital importance for your business’s success. A well-kept space will stimulate your workers and improve their mood and health, as allergens, dirt, mold, and other contaminants will be kept at bay.

What are the dos & don'ts of office cleaning

But working environment hygiene is a mutual responsibility. Here’s how you and your teammates can contribute.


Dos: Try to keep your desk well-organized. Devise a folder system where you store all the critical files. Keep a trash can under your desk to throw out unnecessary paper. This way, you won’t be surrounded by mess, and the surfaces will be uncluttered and easily wiped and disinfected when need be.

Don’ts: Strive not to scatter documents and your belongings around you. It’ll reduce your working space, and you can quickly lose something vital.


Dos: Clean and disinfect your electronic devices at least once a week, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, shut down and cover your PC and printer after each workday. These habits will protect your health and prolong your precious devices’ work-life.

Don’ts: Avoid eating and touching your electronic devices simultaneously. You’ll end up with unattractive smudges and food pieces stuck in their crevices and transfer bacteria and viruses to your food. 

Eating at desks

Dos: Take your lunch break in the canteen and finish your meal there. You’ll enjoy your food, and your desk will remain tidy and hygienic.

Don’ts: Never eat at your workstation, as you can stain your desk, keyboard, and other surfaces. You can also contaminate food by touching your devices unconsciously. And what about crumbs stuck on your keyboard and under your desk? Disgusting, isn’t it?


Dos: Have commercial cleaners tend to your bathrooms daily using EPA-approved cleaning supplies. Keep toilet paper, hand soap, and hand sanitizer stocked, and encourage your employees to follow bathroom-use rules by putting posters that illustrate proper behavior. 

Don’ts: Don’t leave the bathroom without flushing the toilet and washing and sanitizing your hands. Never throw menstrual pads or wet wipes in the toilet bowl, as these can clog the drain. Also, don’t forget to throw away used toilet seat covers and paper in a trash can.


Dos: Keep surfaces clean and sanitized there. Wash any used dishes immediately. Check the labels on the food and throw out expired items regularly.

Don’ts: Try not to pile up the dishes in the sink. This can look unsightly and make your kitchen smelly and uninviting. Don’t leave food out of the fridge, as it can get spoiled quickly, and don’t forget to sanitize your fridge regularly. 

Where in Fishers can I find dependable office cleaning services

Where in Fishers, IN, can I find dependable office cleaning services?

Throughout history, cleaning has been one of people’s most essential tasks. Luckily, you don’t have to wipe and disinfect your Fishers-based working space today as you have reliable commercial cleaners at your side. C&C Cleaning is there to do the job for you.

We specialize in workplace hygiene, and you’ll notice a real difference on your premises. Just call us, and we’ll send top industry professionals to take your business space’s cleanliness to the next level while you enjoy your day off at Heritage Park at White River. Book today!