Terms and Conditions

*Residential Accounts Only*

Please note that terms and conditons may vary depending on the type of agreement at start of service. Please refer back to original service agreement received. Contact our support team at dispatch@cccleanindiana.com to request a copy. Commerical and Corporate Accounts, please reach out directly to your account executive.

C&C Cleaning Services requires a minimum of (1) year term between the client and C&C Cleaning Services. You may cancel your service upon completion of agreement with 30 days’ advance notice. After intial term, service will continue on a month to month basis.
We will provide the most professional cleaning service where all the employees are bonded, insured, and have been thoroughly trained in the proper use of all our products and equipment.

C&C Cleaning Services will provide all cleaning supplies, vacuums, and equipment for your ease and convenience.

The C&C Guarantee

Satisfaction if our top priority. If you are unhappy with any of the work performed within the scope of the agreement, we will happily re-clean those areas free of charge. Please ensure to contact us within 24 hours after your cleaning.


We will provide all cleaning supplies, vacuums, and equipment for your ease and convenience. If you request that our technicians use your supplies or equipment (including vacuum cleaners), you agree not to hold C&C Cleaning Services or any of its personnel responsible for damage to any article or component.


Our employees are instructed not to smoke, drink, eat in your home. The technician may need to call/text management to discuss updates/status.


Most of our clients may give us a key to their home, code to garage, but other methods of entry can be agreed upon. Our policy is to lock the door while we are cleaning and to not allow access to unknown persons. We will follow any home entry instruction you wish to provide. The client understands that if the cleaners cannot access their home upon the agreed time, a $35 inconvenience fee will be applied to the next cleaning.


Our competitive rates are based on the agreed upon number of cleanings within the specified term. We allow a courtesy of (1) skipped cleaning per term. If you need to reschedule, please contact our office no later than 48 hours before your scheduled cleaning. Rescheduled cleanings after the 48 hours are subject to full rate. The same full rate will be charge if we cannot gain access to your home if you have chosen not to leave the company your key.


All payments of services completed are due no later than completion of service. C&C accepts all forms of payment (credit card, debit card, cash, and check). We offer the option to place a credit card on file, which will be charged on the day of each cleaning. If you wish you pay by check, please make the check payable to C&C Cleaning Services. A $35.00 fee will be assessed for any checks returned by your bank. Clients are also able to prepay for any amount you would like to your account. The credit on your account will simply get smaller and smaller until used up. All sales are final, C&C does not conduct refunds.


Our pricing is based on all cleanings being completed during the term of this agreement. Upon canceling agreement early (prior to end of agreement), and ETF (early termination fee) will be invoiced at 50% of remaining value. (rate X number of cleanings remaining)


Please call us in advance for special requests (i.e. after construction, refrigerator cleaning, inside of oven, inside windows, the basement, garage, extra rooms) so we can schedule the time needed to complete these items. Based on the time needed, additional fees may be charged.


We make every effort not to break or damage items, but sometimes accidents may occur. For this reason, we request all irreplaceable items be stored and/or not cleaned by our staff. Our personnel are instructed to call our office if anything is damaged, also to leave a note advising you of the incident. We reserve the option of repair or replacement before a monetary settlement.


It would be appreciated if items were picked up off the floor, as well as if dressers and counters were not piled with too much clutter before we arrive. This allows the cleaning team to clean more thoroughly and not spend time picking up items. Please have dishes cleared from sink and counters.

In the summer months it would be appreciated if you would set your air conditioner at an appropriate temperature. In the winter months we appreciate cleared sidewalks and driveways so the staff are able to gain access to the home.

If for some reason you do not want a particular room cleaned, please contact the office so we can communicate with the cleaning team.


Pets are not a problem to C&C! We would love to know their names for our reference. Also, if any pet is aggressive we ask that you secure them while we are cleaning your home. If they are friendly we will be happy to clean around them. Our teams are instructed not to enter a house if they believe an animal is a threat. Please remember that pets may behave differently if a family member is not present.

Pet messes— our cleaning teams will not pick up any pet messes unless it is pre-discussed with the homeowner and agreed upon.


All of our employees have signed a Non-Compete agreement with C&C Cleaning Services. They are prohibited from soliciting any business (related or unrelated to the services we provide) from any customer on his/her own behalf or on behalf of any third party during their employment with C&C Cleaning Services or for two years following termination of employment. You agree not to hire past or present employees of C&C Cleaning Services for a period of no less than (2) years from the date the employee last worked for C&C Cleaning Services. A great deal of time and resources are put into hiring our staff. In the event you feel you must hire an employee of C&C Cleaning Services in spite of this agreement, then a $2500.00 placement fee is due immediately upon employment of the past/present employee, regardless of whether the employment is regular or on a contract basis.


Although gratuity is not expected or required, the cleaning teams certainly welcome it! A great way to show the team your appreciation is with gratuity. The amount of gratuity is split equally among the members of the team. Cash gratuity is preferred. However, you may leave additional amount on the check.


In severe weather, we may determine it is not safe to travel and/or carry equipment and supplies to your home and cancel that day’s service. When this occurs, we will contact you via your preferred method to reschedule your cleaning.


We do not provide service on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas Day. We will contact you ahead of time to arrange an alternate day for that week if your cleaning day falls on a holiday.


This agreement has no specific end date. If canceling account, it’s required to provide at least thirty days advance notice. Failure to provide thirty days notice, may result in a cancellation fee up to $175.00. Please contact our corporate office for details on how to cancel your account.