A Brief History of Cleaning & Cleaners

Your Fishers, IN, office upkeep depends on commercial cleaning services, and you really wouldn’t know what you’d do without them. You like their maintenance approach and supplies as they give the optimal results for your premises to shine.

But have you ever wondered about the origins of this industry and how it developed through time? When did people start caring for the cleanliness of their space, and how did they handle it? Well, check out the article below as we guide you through the cleaning history. Read on!

What is the history of cleaning?

What is the history of cleaning

Cleaning is one of those activities people take for granted, as there isn’t too much philosophy about it. You must take care of your body and space to stay healthy, right? But what about people long ago? How did they perceive hygiene, and how did they cope with grime? Let’s start with the beginning of the first civilizations.

Ancient times

It’s believed that cleaning has its origins around 2800 BC. The excavation of soap-like material and various cylinders revealed that ancient Babylonians made soap during this period. 

Several ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, also cared for hygiene. An old medical record from 1500 BC proves that ancient Egyptians used vegetable and animal oils to make soap-like products. Additionally, they were washed with alkaline soap. 

In contrast, the Greeks used ashes, clay, and sand mixed with oils, and the Romans built public baths and used animal-fat soaps. In all these civilizations, many slaves performed all maintenance tasks for their wealthy masters.

Middle ages

The period between the fifth and fifteenth centuries is known as the dark ages, and hygienic standards declined. Diseases spread quickly because hygiene wasn’t known to be associated with health and people lived in dirty towns and cities without sewage systems. 


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Hygiene attitudes changed once a link between disease and lack of hygiene was found. Keeping things tidy had become a custom and popular by the 17th century. In the decades following, manufacturers began creating soaps that became increasingly sought after, paving their way to becoming standard cleaning supplies.

During this period, hierarchical relations dominating the industry resembled those in ancient times. Rich people hired women from the lower classes to handle these tedious jobs. In most cases, these women were heavily exploited and paid very little compensation because they had limited employment options.

20th and 21st centuries

The industrial revolution, women’s suffrage, and two world wars significantly changed the industry. Today, it’s not an underpaid job reserved for poor, uneducated women. It’s a booming industry that employs different carefully designed maintenance techniques and methods and uses high-tech and PPE equipment.

Green cleaning is gaining prominence, too, as people understand the hazards chemicals can cause. Different businesses worldwide heavily rely on the janitorial industry to provide their employees with the best working conditions. That’s why industry professionals undergo a rigorous selection process and get the proper training to meet very high industry standards. 

Where in Fishers, IN, can I find trustworthy commercial cleaning services?

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