Proven Hacks For Cleaning Your House After Construction And Renovation

Nothing can compare to the moment when the renovation is over and you can’t stop admiring your refurbished and spotlessly clean house. But before you can enjoy this moment, there will be a lot of dirty work and you might need professional help to perform quick post-construction cleaning since it’s highly unlikely that you have the specialized equipment for cleaning after construction work.

Fortunately, there’s no need to search far and wide because C&C Cleaning provides first-class Fishers post-construction cleaning services. You don’t need to know anything about the steps to successful cleaning after construction as we’ll cover everything. But do read our tips if you want to know more about cleaning after renovation.

Residential post-construction and renovation cleaning tips

Post-construction and post-renovation residential cleaning is a complex process that can differ depending on the size of construction and renovation works. However, three essential parts are rough interior cleaning, deep cleaning of all rooms and final cleaning. For best results, follow these tips:

  • Get an on-site dumpster. Large construction materials and debris must be removed from the location and put into this dumpster.
  • A heavy-duty vacuum is also a must. Ordinary vacuum cleaners are useless against construction dust and smaller debris.
  • Vacuum the insides of cabinets and drawers. There will be dust everywhere and it will get into furniture very easily.
  • Be careful with windows. They get scratched easily, and you might need additional tools to remove mud. Clean between the blinds, too!
  • Wet clean with reliable cleaning chemicals. Whether you use all-purpose or stainless steel cleaners, choose non-toxic green solvents whenever possible.
  • Clean air vents and replace filters. You mustn’t forget this step, as the dust in vents can cause serious respiratory issues for the whole family.
  • Don’t forget to clean little things. People often forget about things such as ceiling fan blades, light fixtures or small appliances.
  • Vacuum again when you think you’re done. It takes time for the fine dust in the air to settle, so an additional vacuuming is never too much.

How to clean after renovation

These are some golden rules for easier cleaning after renovation:

Protect before renovation

Spread a drop cloth before workers come to the location and protect your floors and furniture from the dust. It will find ways to get into all sorts of places but this type of protection will reduce the amount of cleaning in the long run.

Get lots of garbage bags

When you say goodbye to the renovation workers, take a deep breath and start with making sure you have enough garbage bags. Use thick, durable bags and don’t underestimate the quantity you might need.

Get rid of visible dirt

Always work from the top to bottom instead of tackling the floors first. Wet clean the countertops, shelves and don’t neglect the insides of closets and cupboards. Mop the floors and detail vacuum at the end.

Clean the floors

This is the central part of the cleaning process. Go with a damp cloth over all floors, then repeat it with another clean cloth. Then wipe meticulously with a cleaning product for floors, leaving it to absorb. Don’t forget to clean skirting boards.

The exquisite Fishers post construction cleaning services

There’s no doubt that post-construction or renovation cleaning is the most demanding type of residential cleaning. Don’t despair if you don’t feel up to it. Instead, when the works are finished, delegate to our experienced cleaners and revel in your completely remodeled and clean house.

Once the coronavirus outbreak becomes a thing of the past, you can use the time while we clean to enjoy a concert or similar event at Conner Prairie. For the time being, stay at home and give us a call!