Post Construction Cleaning: the Important End Of the Dirty Work

Whether it was just a minor remodeling of your space or complete construction of a new house, once the construction workers pack up and leave, there is an important step that can’t be skipped: post-construction clean-up.

If you want to ensure excellent results, you’ll need a professional crew closely familiar with the steps to post-construction cleaning. If you’re looking for such cleaning experts, you should know that C&C Cleaning offers the best post-construction cleaning in Fishers. Read on to discover tips for a perfect post-construction cleaning!

Why is post construction cleaning so important?

It is quite obvious that you can’t move into a house that’s not completely cleaned of construction dirt and dust after the debris has been properly removed. Safety comes first, so there are measures that must be taken in order to avoid accidents lurking in those piles of dirt. We’re talking sawdust, broken glass, wire and various sharp objects hidden in dust.

Only a thorough post construction cleaning performed by professionals who use much more sophisticated tools than a broom and dustpan will make your house a healthy and safe living space.

What should I clean after construction?

Post construction cleaning should be done in a logical order, starting from debris removal and finishing with polishing the details. Here is our suggestion of steps:

  • Debris disposal. You’ll need an on-site dumpster in which you’ll put the debris. Be extra careful with sharp pieces and hazardous materials.
  • Wall washing. Expect your walls to be covered with accumulated dust, mud, and other dirt. They’ll need detailed scrubbing to look brand new.
  • Vacuuming and mopping. The settled heavy dust must be removed from every corner, surface and crack. After that, you’ll need to carefully vacuum and mop all your floors several times.
  • Wet cleaning using chemicals. The bathroom, kitchen, windows, and countertops must be cleaned with appropriate cleaning agents. Of course, you can opt for green chemistry cleaning products and achieve great results while protecting the planet.
  • Sanitizing all surfaces. For best results, use a proven disinfectant when wiping. Don’t forget to wipe the insides of cabinets and drawers as well.
  • Cleaning the small stuff. Small parts such as doorknobs and switches are often overlooked. Polish them as a final touch of your post construction cleaning.

What do I need for cleaning after construction?

You’ll definitely need more tools and equipment for post-construction cleaning than you would need for regular house cleanings and this is one of the reasons why it is better to hire professional cleaners. Basically, there are three groups of items you’ll need:

  • Items for transportation and disposal. Prepare big trash bags, industrial garbage bins, buckets, and a utility cart. As mentioned before, you’ll also need an on-site dumpster.
  • Self-protective equipment. Before you start any work, protect your hands and head with rubber gloves, protective eyeglasses, and a hard hat. If possible, add a dust mask to the list as well.
  • Cleaning equipment and agents. Lots of brooms, dustpans, a heavy duty vacuum cleaner, and reliable cleaning products are indispensable. Also, consider ladders and upholstery cleaning tools.

The supreme post construction cleaning in Fishers

There are plenty of reasons for hiring a professional cleaning service to do your after construction cleaning. We are ready to jump in and remove every single trace of construction work that happened at your place. What’s best, while our experienced cleaners will do their job swiftly and meticulously, you’ll get some free time to enjoy fishing and waterskiing at Geist Reservoir with your family or friends. Wait no more, book your cleaning today!