Efficient Post Construction Cleaning Step-by-Step

If you have redecorated your house for the first time or built a brand new home, perhaps it is the first time you deal with post construction cleaning and just don’t know where to start. What you probably do know is that you’ll have to remove the debris and clean every floor, corner, and surface, which really is a lot of work.

So, before start panicking, dial the phone number of our top-notch post construction cleaning service in Fishers. With their help, your house will be sparkling clean and ready for you and your family to move in, as our knowledgeable pros excel at cleaning quickly after construction. Take a look at our fruitful cleaning routine after renovation work!

What are the steps to post-construction cleaning?

successful post construction cleaning consists of several phases. Try not to skip any of them if you really want excellent results:

Start before construction is complete

Perhaps it sounds weird, but the logic behind this is to reduce the total amount of work by cleaning areas after a certain service is completed. For example, you can clean the floor after installing a roof window, as it is likely there will be large debris on the spot. This kind of preparation for actual post construction cleaning also makes the entire process safer.

Carefully remove debris

The debris must be removed safely and properly, segregating waste types. Post construction sites are places of frequent accidents, so you should wear self-protective gear, such as rubber gloves and hard hats. What’s more, pay attention to hidden sharp items, for example, broken glass or wire, as well as toxic materials such as leftover paint. Remember that you also need to remove all the trash left at a job site.

Get rid of all that dust

This might be the central part of the cleaning process. You need to find sources of dust first and clean them thoroughly. Then you should pay attention to the walls, as it is likely that there is a huge amount of dust and dirt accumulated on them. This is where professional cleaners step in perfectly, with their special equipment for wall cleaning.

Clean everything, from flooring to window handles

When we say everything, we mean it. The entire house interior needs to be sanitized, with special attention paid to scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen with water and suitable cleaning agents. If you want to be ecologically responsible, use products made of safer chemical ingredients. Finally, don’t forget disinfecting high-touch areas.

What is included in post construction cleaning?

This type of cleaning has to include the following:

  • Rough interior cleaning. If you invite professionals, they will bring cutting edge cleaning equipment and remove all the dirt that can’t be managed with sweeping and vacuum cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning of all rooms. This means going from one room to another and dusting and disinfecting literally everything: doors, window sills, insides of closets, sinks, toilets, etc. Floors come last.
  • Final cleaning. At this stage, everything is thoroughly inspected and deep cleaning of carpets, rugs and outdoor surfaces is done. In addition, light fixtures, vents, and ceiling fans are taken care of.

Second-to-none post construction cleaning service in Fishers

Having professionals take care of your post construction cleaning brings a myriad of benefits. Without having to worry about all the dusting and scrubbing, you’ll be free to enjoy your renovated home without stress. On top of that, if you really wish to enjoy a great concert at the Ruoff Music Center, that’s another reason for calling us and letting our efficient cleaners do the job. Reach to us today!