Hacks For the Proper Disinfection of Your Working Space

All workers, including you and your staff should work in well-cleaned and well-sanitized offices, especially during the pandemic. If you want the most effective office cleaning for your business, opt for a commercial cleaning service in Fishers designed to meet the needs of any commercial property.

Whether you are interested in proper techniques of disinfecting office surfaces or boosting everyone’s health with good office hygiene, there are numerous cleaning options and procedures when you hire a professional cleaning crew which will devise a deep cleaning and disinfection strategy to make your working space squeaky clean and properly sanitized week in, week out.

 What are recommendations on cleaning and disinfecting offices?

Cleaning and disinfecting offices have always been the tasks best done by professional cleaners. This is what they recommend for the optimal disinfection of office spaces:

  • -Use a one-way wipedown. In this way, you prevent the deposition of germs in the opposite direction which happens when you go back over.
  • -Routinely wipe high touch points. There is no such thing as wiping down countertops, doorknobs, telephones or light switches too many times.
  • -Use reliable disinfectants. The recommendation is to use one or some of the selected EPA registered disinfectants.
  • -Practice color-coded cleanings. Another cloth color for a specific area is used so that   janitorial and custodial staff doesn’t cross-contaminate.
  • -Don’t dry the surface immediately. Let the surfaces remain wet for a few minutes so that the disinfectant air dries.

How do you deep clean an office?

In addition to regular cleanings, your office space needs a deep cleaning every couple of months for top hygiene results. The deep cleaning of your office will include areas that are typically hard to reach or possibly not visible to you.

The highest parts

These parts are definitely a job for a cleaning crew because they require using a ladder and proper tools. The cleaners will remove the dust and cobweb from the ceiling corners and edges and clean light fixtures in detail. Wiping ceiling fans, cleaning wall surfaces and artistic or other pieces that you keep on your walls can also be properly cleaned only by professionals.

Kitchens and restrooms

These rooms require daily clean-throughs, but occasional deep cleaning means that they are scrubbed fully from top to bottom. Longer cleaning time and more attention are given to the toilets, urinals and sinks. Degerming the restroom vent, cleaning the microwave and the fridge as well as cleaning all tiles are regular routines in deep cleaning. All surfaces are air dried once the cleaning is over.

Office furniture

First of all, furniture has to be moved carefully in order to perform deep cleaning. If hidden areas of mold appear during the process, they must be removed immediately since mold is a serious health threat. Chairs make up for a great deal of office furniture, but they are often neglected in general  cleanings. Deep cleaning routine includes vacuuming of the seats and backs.

Stress-free commercial cleaning service in Fishers

With us, the stress of finding suitable cleaners who understand and can live up to your needs becomes the thing of the past. Once our team is done cleaning your office, you will want to maintain the same standard of cleanliness and hygiene going forward.

Let our cleaning staff do what they do best in your office space and boost the general health and satisfaction of both your employees and clients. There is no time like the summertime for a casual picnic on the banks of the White River, so let your hair down while we make all the arrangements and take care of the hygiene inside your commercial property. Schedule your appointment today!