Children & Cleaning: What Should Every Parent Know?

Cleaning is definitely not children’s idea of fun, so most parents struggle with getting their children to clean their rooms. You may sometimes even think that cleaning your kids’ rooms yourself might actually be easier than always nagging them about tidying up. However, it’s important that they develop cleaning habits and acquire a sense of responsibility early on. 

From learning how to take care of their toys to helping out with living room decluttering, there are plenty of ways your kids can contribute to your household maintenance. Not only will this help working moms keep their homes clean, but it will also show children that their actions contribute to the well-being of their families. 

Nonetheless, you can still get some help by hiring house cleaning Peru, IN company every once in a while. This way, you’ll be able to spend some quality time with your children and have fun without thinking about chores. 

Should kids clean their room?

You may be wondering if children should be in charge of cleaning their rooms at all. You’ll have to invest a lot of effort in making them complete this task, possibly re-clean their rooms, and even occasionally get into a fight.

However, even though these “drawbacks” may seem like a good reason for you to take over this task, you should still let your children clean their rooms because:

  • It will teach them to be responsible. We all have to take on some tasks that we don’t enjoy doing. So, it’s better to explain this to your children from an early age. In addition, they should learn to be responsible for their own belongings and actions. 
  • It will contribute to their health. A messy, dirty room can affect their health significantly, causing allergic reactions and asthma attacks. 
  • It will help them burn energy. Cleaning can be a great way to burn excess energy and even get some exercise. This can be a great benefit for children, especially on those days when they feel particularly active and energized. 

An important note: It’s still a good idea to let your children get messy at times, especially when they have a burst of creativity. Just make sure to set some ground rules so they remember to clean afterward. 

How do I teach my child to keep their room clean?

You can’t just expect your children to start cleaning. You have to teach them how to do it and help them at first. Here are a few tips: 

  • Give them clear instructions. You should explain exactly what they need to do and what your expectations are. Also, they may have a different idea of cleanliness, so make sure to discuss how clean you expect their room to be. 
  • Do it together. Young children need some help with cleaning, so make sure to help them out. This will also enable them to learn by example since you’ll be their role model. Also, this may help older children start cleaning since they don’t have to face the mess alone. 
  • Consider their age. Assigning age-appropriate tasks is essential when helping your children develop cleaning habits. If certain chores are too difficult for them, they’ll simply be discouraged and give up trying. 
  • Make cleaning fun. Most people see cleaning as a boring task, especially children. So, if you make it fun, they’ll be more likely to do it. You can turn it into a game, let them dance while cleaning, or play their favorite tunes. 

What do you do when your teenager won’t clean their room?

Teenagers can be particularly rebellious when it comes to cleaning, so what can parents do to make them clean their rooms?

  • Explain why it’s important for them to clean their rooms and give them some real-life reasons. 
  • Create a cleaning schedule they need to follow. If they don’t, make sure to warn them in advance what the consequences will be. 
  • Give them control over other aspects of their room maintenance or decor. This won’t make them feel as if you treat them like children and don’t take them seriously. 

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