How Can Your Home Snap Back to Being Perfectly Clean After a Party?

The party was excellent and the guests had the greatest time ever. But now you simply don’t know which cleaning task to tackle first and making your home fresh and clean again after party seems like such a daunting challenge. 

You’ve probably found your ways how to efficiently keep your home clean on a daily basis and prepare the house for a party, perhaps even how to keep your carpet clean during a party, but you are at the end of your tether when it comes to cleaning all that mess after the party. 

Don’t worry! After-party cleaning has actually never been easier because you have the best quality maid services in Carmel to do the job for you. And we also have some tips and tricks for post-party cleanup. Read on, we’re sharing them with you!

What do you do after a party?

Clutter and mess make everybody nervous and if you don’t want to sleep amidst them, we have some tips about what you can do before going to bed. Here you go:

Tidy up 

Decluttering is the first step. Pick up any dropped or misplaced items such as cushions and put them back into place, store all leftover food and throw away bottles, cans and paper cups.

Remove stains and sticky messes

Sprinkle sticky areas with baking soda, leave overnight and tackle them in the morning, mopping with warm water and vinegar. Use a reliable stain remover for carpet stains.

Open the windows

Empty all bins, throw away trash and get some air circulating, especially if ‘no smoking’ policy wasn’t on during the party. Don’t leave the sink full of dirty dishes. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Start the washing machine

Fill your washing machine with table linens. In case there are red wine stains on them, soak them in a stain-eliminating solution overnight. Then machine wash them regularly in the morning.

How do I clean my house after a party?

‘Oh, wait! I have cleaned every inch of my house before the party, do I get to do it all once again?’ If you have these or similar thoughts in your head, check out the following tips that help you break your cleaning into steps:

  • Remove all decorations. Toss away the disposable decor items and store away those that you might be using again. Return any fragile and valuable objects you put away before the party to their ordinary places.
  • Scrub the bathroom. Your bathroom needs deep cleaning after the party, as it was probably used by dozens of people. Use effective green cleaning agents and pay special attention to the toilet and the mirrors.
  • Wipe kitchen surfaces. This step is pretty self-explanatory, as your kitchen surfaces have probably suffered multiple spillages and sticky touches. Restore their old shine with thorough post-party cleaning.
  • Clean the floors. Sweep, vacuum and mop your floors to regain the spotlessly clean space. Remove extra doormats you might have used for all rooms. Make this step the last one if possible.
  • Congratulate yourself and relax. Everybody enjoyed your party, including yourself, and the house is clean again. You have all the reasons to be satisfied, and if you are not, we can lend a helping hand.

Where can I find top-notch maid services Carmel homeowners rely on?

If you know how to clean your house after party but would still rather go and spend a day at Clay Terrace, feel confident to leave your post-party cleaning anxieties to us. We will do our best to provide outstanding cleaning performance.

After we clean your space meticulously and expertly, it will be hard to believe that there was a party in your house last night at all. Reach out to us today!