6 Ways Your Office Space Can Impact Productivity

6 Ways Your Office Space Can Impact Productivity

Research suggests that the office environment affects employees, their efficiency, and their mood. A well-designed workplace may assist workers in their everyday struggle to meet deadlines in two ways. Firstly, employees will have the impression that the employer values them and their work. Secondly, they will be able to focus on their projects while avoiding distractions. 

As an employer, you probably strive to make your organization as productive as possible. You surely hire a reputable office cleaning service from Kokomo to spruce up and sanitize your workplace regularly. You also provide enough storage room, so your employees can maintain clutter-free desks

But there are a few more details that can significantly promote your team’s energy and creativity. Read on to learn more! 

How does the office environment affect productivity?

There are a few factors that influence productivity and shape the way your employees feel. Let’s see what they are:


Dim lighting reduces productivity by causing eye strain, headaches, drowsiness, and lack of concentration, whereas, fluorescent lighting can cause migraines. Studies have indicated that natural lighting stimulates employees’ focus and cheerful disposition as they find that being near windows helps them feel more concentrated and relaxed. If possible, choose an office space with many open windows, or install blue-tinted, bright lighting to ensure that your team has optimal conditions to thrive. 


Some people simply can’t work if they constantly overhear some other people’s conversations. It would be great if employees could have closed offices or cubicles as this affords more privacy. But, if you have an open office layout, you can provide some consistent-volume ambient music that can cover up disturbing noises. Another option is to create a space where employees can go when they need a quiet place to work. Or try dedicating certain times of the day to ‘quiet time’, or providing each employee with sound-proof headphones. 

Air quality

Stifling airless rooms can have a bearing on energy levels as they can cause fatigue and headaches. So it is essential to provide more air circulation and better air filters as exposure to cleaner outdoor air will make your team feel more invigorated and energized. You could also brighten up your premises with a few plants, as they possess extraordinary soothing power. Research has shown that plants can knock out stress by calming the sympathetic nervous system and make people happier. 


If your office is too hot or too cold, your employees will feel uncomfortable. There isn’t an ideal temperature for everyone, but try to find a temperature acceptable for most of your team.


Some studies found that bland gray, beige, and white offices trigger feelings of sadness and depression among employees. Similar studies indicate that low-wavelength colors (blue + green) improve performance and focus, medium-wavelength colors (yellow) radiate a sense of happiness and inspiration, while high-wavelength colors (red) boost heart rate and energy. A workplace that features a variety of vibrant shades and hues can lighten the mood and drive productivity.


A cramped and unorganized office can soon lead to unsatisfied and unproductive workers, as the noise level might increase, or air quality may decrease. Also, office furniture needs to be comfortable, especially if employees sit a lot. Try spacing out your furniture so the office doesn’t look cluttered. Your employees will feel tranquil because they’ll feel like they can breathe freely in a spacious room. 

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