How to Establish a Clutter-Free Desk Policy

How to Establish a Clutter-Free Desk Policy

As an employer, you endeavor to inspire your employees to put their hearts and souls into every single project. After all, the success of your company rides on it. But while everyone is deeply engrossed in the project, struggling to meet the strict deadline, cleanliness is often pushed aside. 

You probably hire an office cleaning service in Kokomo to keep your premises neat and clean, but what about your employee’s cluttered desks? It would be unrealistic to expect cleaning professionals to organize office supplies and paperwork, too.

On the other hand, clutter can affect the productivity of your employees. They could waste valuable time searching for documents trapped under heaps of others scattered across the desk. Or worse yet: documents with important, classified information can get misplaced or lost. 

And, finally, what impression do messy workstations and misplaced documents create with the clients? Adhering to workplace hygiene etiquette could have a positive impact on your reputation. 

If your employees fail to see the significance of keeping their workspace clean and tidy, here are some ways to encourage them to turn the page. 

How can I motivate my employees to clean their desks?

If you are looking for the most effective way to introduce a clean-desk policy, let’s look at a few strategies that can resonate well with your employees. 

Communicate it to your employees openly. 

Whenever new employees join the team, emphasize the importance of maintaining a well-organized desk. Use illustrative examples to help your employees visualize the downsides of a messy workstation (important documents might get lost, coffee can be spilled on the computer, etc.). Also, include standards of cleanliness into your employee manual, and circulate it in a memo. 

Set an example.

If you want your workers to keep their desks uncluttered, you need to do it yourself. People usually tend to follow a role-model, so if your workspace is spick-and-span, your staff will look up to you. Also, your policy has to be taken seriously by your senior management. If managers don’t implement it, why should the rest of your employees? 

Provide suitable storage solutions.

How can you ask your employees to respect a clean-desk policy if they have nowhere to store their sensitive documents? Small lockable storage boxes that can fit under desks are an excellent option. 

Put reminders in appropriate areas.

Post notices in high-traffic areas so that employees can see them every day and get reminded to straighten up their desks at the end of each day.

Reward employees who keep their desks clean.

A great way to motivate staff is with rewards and incentives. First, ask them what prizes would be desirable, and then stimulate healthy competition between departments. For instance, you can give an extra hour for the lunch break to the department with the tidiest workspace each week.

How do you politely tell someone to clean up after themselves?

If these methods don’t bear fruit and some of your employees still leave their desks messy, you’ll need a more direct approach. You’ll have to discuss the delicate matter in person. When you do this, bear in mind the following: 

*Be kind. A kind word goes a long way, especially with serious issues. This way, you will avoid any confrontations and won’t make the employee feel embarrassed.

*Be discrete. Talk with the employee in your office so that no one else hears your conversation. 

*Explain why cleaning up is essential. To err is human, and the employee in question might have made a common cleaning mistake assuming that he or she can deal with the clutter later. Enlighten the employee on how it affects efficiency, and how a tidy environment can boost positive energy and reduce stress

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How do you politely tell someone to clean up after themselves

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