How to Keep Your Office Desk Disinfected and Organized

The fact that germs pile up incredibly fast on office desks and keyboards is the main reason why you should clean and sanitize your desk on a daily basis. If there’s clutter too, that’s another reason to dedicate more attention to this area.

If your work space is regularly cleaned by one of the agencies providing office cleaning in Peru In, they will certainly include desk cleaning and disinfection. Still, the prevention of poor hygiene in the office can only be achieved if employees perform daily cleaning and decluttering. It doesn’t take much time to disinfect every inch of your office desk and the benefits of doing so are well worth it. Read on if you’d like to get some ideas on how to disinfect office items.

How do I keep my office desk clean and clutter-free?

If it’s time you start from scratch, these steps might come in handy:

  • -Remove everything from the desk. This step is necessary because you won’t be able to wipe it down or declutter unless you move your things aside first. Don’t be lazy, it will be much more difficult to clean with all the items on the desk.
  • -Think about each item. Be honest with yourself, do you really need all these pens, holders, and sticky notes? It’s good to have supplies, but be practical and decide on the spot what to keep and what to toss away.
  • -Analyze your layout. If the clutter keeps returning, it might be time to rearrange the desktop space. Keep items you use daily within arms reach. Items that don’t get used often can be stored in drawers or shelves.
  • -Use dividers for drawers. Indeed, it’s difficult to keep things in your drawers in order without dividers. They will save you time as it will take you just a few seconds to find the file or pen you need. Also, organized drawers look so much more attractive.
  • -Return things where they belong. It’s no use doing all of the above-mentioned steps unless you retain the order you’ve created. Take those two extra seconds to return the items to their original spots and enjoy a permanent state of clutter freedom.
  • -Clean and disinfect daily. Once your desk is neat and well-organized, it is easy to clean it every day. Get a microfiber cloth that is not used on any other surfaces and then remove all the dust. Then, apply the disinfecting spray to that area to eliminate all the unwanted germs.

What can I use to clean my office desk?

We recommend using sustainable products for cleaning whenever possible. Use a lint-free cloth and a cleaning solution to gently wipe all computer surfaces except the screen which must be wiped with a microfiber cloth.

Clear the desk surface entirely of all unnecessary items and then wipe it down with a cloth dampened with a cleaning solution. After that, wait for the cleaning solution to dry before using disinfectant wipes or a disinfectant spray for proper disinfection. Wait for the disinfectant to air dry before you move the desk items back into their place.

How can I safely clean electronics?

Electronic devices are some of the worst bacteria hotspots. Many people are not certain how to clean them without damaging them and what products are suitable for such cleanings. Remember to power off the computer and follow this list in any order you like:


Unplug the keyboard, clear any loose crumbs and dust from the keyboard by gently shaking it upside-down. Spray compressed air between the keys to clear out any remaining debris, then clean with disinfectant wipes. It is important to make sure that the wipes are completely dry after use since you don’t want any excess moisture getting into the keyboard openings.


Unplug the mouse and remove the batteries if needed, then clean all the sides and the scroll button with a disinfectant wipe. For laptops, wipe down the touchpad using disinfectant wipes. Once again, don’t let the moisture enter any openings and damage the laptop. You can use toothpicks for cleaning out the dust and other matter from the crevices around your mouse.

Computer screen

Don’t use paper towels and other harsh chemicals to clean an LCD computer screen because these can damage it. Wipe the display with a microfiber cloth dampened with a diluted solution of mild dish soap and warm water. Rinse the cloth with clean water, squeeze out any excess moisture, then wipe again to remove any soapy residue.

Flexible office cleaning Peru In is proud of

Workers can keep their office desks optimally clean with the simple procedures described above. Still, for supreme results and a sparklingly clean office, consider hiring a professional crew. By doing so, you will ensure that your work space is cleaned according to the highest standards that benefit the health of your staff.

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