Declare War on Poor Hygiene at Work

For success in business, it is important that every employee understands why good personal and office hygiene matters. The best results are achieved when there is teamwork to keep the workspace well-organized and generally clean every day. So, make sure you encourage your employees to keep hygiene at high levels.

Still, if none of you knows how to properly disinfect the surfaces in your office or how to keep your workplace organizedand encourage office cleanliness, ask professional janitorial services in Peru for help. Once you experience the benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services, you will certainly say goodbye to all other cleaning options.

Can you prevent poor hygiene in the workplace?

Many things can be done to prevent poor hygiene in the first place. Take a look at these ideas:

Create a clear hygiene policy. Put it in writing and make sure the staff is familiar with it. Be specific about the hygiene level that you require and give simple rules. For example, ‘Don’t overfill the trash bin’, or ‘Use the hand sanitizer provided for you’.

Promote the hygiene policy even during the hiring process. Before interviewing, include questions on cleanliness habits in the job questionnaire. Ask a candidate how they would solve poor hygiene issues in the office. Pick candidates who are willing to comply with your hygiene policy.

How do you address poor hygiene in the workplace?

If the signs of poor hygiene are already there, these are some of the actions you can take to address them:

Personal hygiene issues

First, check if the problem really exists. Make sure you bring this kind of issue up very tactfully. This means you need to speak to the employee with personal hygiene issues face-to-face and in private. Let the employee know that you will bring up a difficult topic and then explain the issue briefly and directly. However, do not use judgemental language. Remind the person of the hygiene policy and why good personal hygiene is important for the business.

Maintaining a clean personal workspace

Include a clean desk policy into your hygiene policy. A workstation should be cleaned and disinfected regularly by the individual who solely occupies it, or, in case of a hot desk arrangement, by the persons sharing it. Remember that you need to make it easy for the employees to keep the place clean. So, stock up on paper towels, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes. People are more likely to use such items if they are close at hand and if occasionally reminded to do so.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service

If nothing else works, this certainly will. There are countless satisfied business owners who can confirm that hiring professional cleaners improved their workplace hygiene in multiple ways. This is also a huge contribution to the better health and general well-being of your employees. C&C Cleaning represents one of the finest janitorial services Peru has to offer. With us, you’ll get pristinely clean offices at competitive prices and make all hygiene worries a thing of the past.

How do you promote general cleanliness in the workplace?

To promote overall good hygiene at work, make sure that every single employee is aware of their personal responsibilities regarding cleanliness. Insist on routine cleanings and a high level of hygiene in the kitchen and restrooms. Choose safe and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Also, cooperate with the HR department since they have ways of preventing or addressing hygiene issues less directly. For example, they can send emails prompting workers to take better care of kitchen utensils and equipment, if there are complaints that these are not well-cleaned.

Hire affordable and reliable janitorial services in Peru & the area

A dependable cleaning service can be an excellent addition to your sensible hygiene policy. Our much-praised cleaners will attend to your restrooms, windows, and all other areas that highly benefit from professional equipment and skills.

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