Commercial Cleaning Janitorial, Logansport

Give your offices the care they deserve by booking the finest commercial cleaning Logansport can provide.

Award-Winning Office Cleaning in Logansport, IN

A company’s premises are more than just some location where work gets done. They’re also an environment where people spend a large part of their daily lives. By ensuring that your workspace is always clean, healthy, and inviting, you’re getting the immense benefit of increasing employee productivity and retention. C&C can do all this for you and more! Our all-encompassing commercial cleaning services in Indiana are so good they’ve been awarded Kokomo Best Cleaning Services awards for years 2016 and 2017!

Exceptional Janitorial Services in Logansport, IN

To a layman, office cleaning doesn’t look any different than any other type of cleaning. Simply dust, vacuum, and remove the stains, and that’s it, right? If only it was so simple! Suspended ceilings, partition walls, cubicles, computers, communal kitchens, and ingrained dirt and dust in workplace carpeting all require unique cleaning techniques and tools for great results. Here at C&C, we specialize in this type of cleaning. Not only does our office cleaning in Logansport, IN cover all those things, it does so with unparalleled efficiency and meticulousness.


  • Highly experienced & trained maids
  • Bonded and insured cleaners
  • Top-of-the-line customer service
  • Super fast online booking system
  • Fair, straightforward pricing

The C&C Guarantee

We pride ourselves on being the leader among commercial cleaning companies in Logansport, IN. Our utmost desire is to give you the cleaning you want and deserve. If there is anything about your cleaning that you’re disappointed with, let us know within 24 hours. If it’s in the scope of our agreement, we’ll go out of our way to have the problem area re-cleaned absolutely free of charge! With C&C Cleaning, you can rely on always getting the service you paid for.


Floors and carpets in offices tend to gather dirt, dust, and allergens with alarming speed. Luckily, our cleaning superheroes are fully equipped and trained to fix this problem.


Don’t let dirty windows be the first thing potential clients and employees see when they approach your place of business. C&C’s cleaning champs will quickly give crystal transparency to your company’s windows.


Whether you’re building a new workplace or you’re performing renovations on an old one,your project is likely to result in a lot of pesky construction dust. We’ll make it go away in no time.

Janitorial services in Logansport, IN that make your life better

Are you always thinking about taking time off work to enjoy a relaxing stroll through the Spencer Park? Don’t you just want to immerse yourself in a wonderful book rented from the Logansport Cass County Public Library, but can never find the time to do so? C&C Cleaning Services is here to help! By outsourcing your office cleaning chores to us, you’ll have that much more time and energy to devote to your loved ones and the activities you truly enjoy in life.

Premier commercial cleaning Logansport can offer

Our greatest wish is to help improve Indiana communities such as Kokomo, Fishers, Tipton, Carmel, Logansport, Peru, and Noblesville by giving their homes and businesses the finest cleaning possible. Are you looking to book first-rate office cleaning in Fishers or a detailed janitorial cleaning in Carmel? We’re the best of all commercial cleaning companies in Noblesville and we’ll happily prove it to you. What’s more, we strive to help those less fortunate than us. Because of this, we’re partnered with Cleaning for a Reason, which gives free cleanings to women afflicted with cancer. If you have any questions, call us today!