How Can I Get My Family to Help Me With Chores?

It’s not fun having to clean the entire house by yourself. Unfortunately, that’s how it is in most households. The kids just won’t clean their bedrooms and that’s it! Is there a way to motivate the family to help with chores?

If pleading and nagging don’t seem to work, it might be time to consider a new plan. That’s why we’ve compiled some invaluable tips to help you motivate your family to be more helpful when it comes to keeping the house clean. 

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How do I motivate my family to clean my house?

If you feel like your family members don’t pitch in enough around the house, you’re certainly not alone. Whether it’s your husband or your kids that never seem to have the time to help you clean, you must feel sick and tired of having to do it all by yourself. 

Here’s what you can try to get everyone on board with cleaning:  

  • Teach your kids to help early on: the earlier you start motivating your kids the better, even if it’s something as easy as teaching your toddler to put the toys back in their box. 
  • Make it fun: kids need a lot of stimulation, especially little ones, so it can be a great idea to make cleaning a game-like activity, e.g. play some music or incorporate rewards for the kids to motivate them. 
  • Don’t criticize their work: unless you want to kill your family’s motivation to help you, don’t nag them if you think they are doing a chore wrong. Instead, focus on what they are doing right and try not to go cleaning after them. 
  • Have a discussion with your partner: if you want your partner to help around the house, choose a good time to sit with them and have a calm discussion, without pressure. Ask them what they may be able to help with and explain how overwhelmed you are with all the work. 
  • Have a family meeting: if nothing else works, you can try scheduling a family meeting to brainstorm ideas and learn how you can work better together. Just try to keep the meeting fun! 

How do you get your kids to clean up after themselves?

Nobody can make a mess as quickly as your kids can, we know. But what when they don’t want to clean the mess up after themselves? No matter how young your kids you are, you have to know how to motivate them to help around the house willingly unless you want to deal with even messier teenagers later on.  

Don’t clean up after them

The sooner you teach your children to pick up after themselves, the better. If they take out a toy from the toy box, don’t put it back yourself. If you do, you’ll only let your kids know that you’ll always be there to clean up after them. Instead, show them how to do it a couple of times and they will most likely continue doing it.   

Start with music and dance

Music can make any activity fun, especially if your kids love to jump around and dance. Add a soundtrack to the chores, give your kids some green cleaning products and get them moving. They are sure to enjoy picking up their toys and scrubbing the kitchen table much more if they do it to the beat!  

Approach it like a game

Most children will be much more willing to help with cleaning if they see it as a fun game. Make your kid race against the clock or compete with their sibling if they have one or come up with an imaginative activity of your own. You can even have your kids dress the part, with aprons, gloves and fun hats for a fully immersive experience. 

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While getting your family on board with cleaning around the house is in no way easy, you can go a long way by setting up expectations as early as possible. Your kids will grow up to be responsible and hardworking individuals and you won’t have to do it all by yourself!

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