Cleaning the Living Room: Tips & Tricks

Since so many of our daily activities take place in the living room, it can get messy very easily, especially if you have toddlers whose countless toys somehow always end up in this room. Do you get overwhelmed each time you return from work and find piles of clothes on the sofa and messy bookshelves? Or you simply don’t know where to start with decluttering your living room?

Here at C&C Cleaning, the matchless house cleaning in Carmel, we have all the right answers for you, whether you need keeping the house clean every day or you want someone to clean your toilet to perfection for good. Read on to discover great tips for restoring order to your living room!

How do I declutter my living room?

While it is true that you’ll have to tackle kids and pet clutter every day, there are many areas of your living room that can be decluttered once and kept in order permanently very easily. You can do these things today:

  • Organize your drawers. Drawers are the parts of furniture that can hold tremendous quantities of items, both small and medium-sized if you only know how to order them. Use dividers within the drawer and slots for small items, like hair ties and stamps.
  • Give your bookshelves a makeover. They should be both functional and pleasing to the eye. Try giving away trinkets you no longer need to make room for the items you actually want to display.
  • Keep flat surfaces clutter-free. As a rule, if flat surfaces are clean and decluttered, the entire space will look so much better. Remove all items from your coffee tables and counters and find each of them its proper and permanent spot.
  • Once decluttered, keep it that way. Create a daily routine for all your family members to prevent the clutter from reappearing. Have a designated place for all items. Otherwise, they will be dropped on the nearest surface in the living room.

How to clean your living room fast and easy?

The living room needs cleaning and you are in a hurry? For effective cleaning in less than ten minutes, check out the tips we swear by:

  1. Grab and sort items as you go. Use a trash bag for the things you’ll toss away and a basket for the things you’ll put into their proper place later. Making decisions quickly is essential here.
  2. Dust smarter with a microfiber cloth. It’s quicker than using the polishing spray and paper towels, not to mention that it’s green cleaning. Restrict dusting only to the visible surfaces if you are running out of time.
  3. Vacuum clean or sweep the floors. Grab the vacuum cleaner and run it over the carpet, since a lot of dust and crumbs settle here. A quick run around the room will be effective.
  4. Clean mirrors and mirrored surfaces. These surfaces noticeably reflect dirt and grime, so give them a quick wipe with an anti-streak cleaning spray. Well-polished mirrors will make the room look sparkling.

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