How to Sanitize Cooking Surfaces Properly

Like all responsible homeowners, you probably devote a lot of time to keeping your living space hygienic. Not only do you clean all around your home, but you also disinfect and sanitize all your surfaces regularly, as this is the only way to stop germs from invading your home.

However, while doing this, you must be extra-careful because you’re using strong cleaning chemicals. This is key when sanitizing your kitchen, as you don’t want to mishandle hazardous chemicals. To be on the safe side, you can always hire professionals in Lafayette who offer house cleaning services to do the job for you.

But the more you know about sanitizing and disinfecting, the better it is for you, because one day you may need to do it yourself. That’s why we prepared a few useful tips for you. Read on to learn more.

What disinfectant is safe for food?

What disinfectant is safe for food?

Before choosing a commercial product for sanitizing food-contact surfaces, always read the labels carefully. Some products are both sanitizers and disinfectants, meaning they can be used for surfaces that come into contact with your food. 

However, some disinfectants contain a too high concentration of chemicals and can leave toxic residue on your surfaces. These should only be used for more heavy-duty tasks (such as for disinfecting your bathroom) and shouldn’t be used on cutting boards, utensils, pots, and other kitchen items.

But you actually don’t need to buy any commercial agents, as there are some other tried-and-true sanitizing and disinfecting methods you can apply. These include:

1. You can concoct your own food-safe disinfectant: just mix a tablespoon of unscented bleach and a gallon of cold water. Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area, as bleach is too harsh for your lungs, eyes, and skin.

2. You can also use 3% hydrogen peroxide. However, never mix it with bleach, ammonia, and white vinegar, as this can cause dangerous chemical reactions.

3. Rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) is another great option. It evaporates very quickly, so you don’t need to wipe surfaces after treating them with alcohol. However, it can ruin the oil/fat protective layer of your vinyl, metal, and rubber surfaces. It’s also flammable, so you need to be cautious when using it in the kitchen. 

4. White vinegar could be used as a sanitizer as it kills the most common food-borne bacteria Salmonella and E-coli, and you can use it for your fridge. Unfortunately, it is not effective against other viruses and bacteria.

How do you sanitize cooking surfaces?

If you want to avoid cross-contamination, you need to sanitize your cooking surfaces regularly. The entire procedure consists of 5 simple steps:

How do you sanitize cooking surfaces?

1. Sanitizing will be more effective on dirt-free surfaces, so you need to clean them with warm soapy water first. Rinse them thoroughly, and wipe them with a dry clean cloth.

2. Prepare your sanitizing solution. Add one tablespoon of unfragranced chlorine bleach into a gallon of cold water.

3. Wipe the surfaces (stovetops, counters, cutting boards, handles, and knobs) thoroughly with it. You can also soak your dishes in this bleach solution too.

4. Let the surfaces dry completely before using them again.

5. Wash your hands and disinfect them, and machine wash the towels you used for wiping (use a hot water cycle).

As we said before, bleach is a dangerous chemical, and it needs to be handled cautiously. Consider wearing gloves to protect your hands, don’t mix it with other disinfectants, and keep the room well-ventilated while using it. Also, store it out of reach of your children and pets.

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