What’s Included in a Professional House Cleaning Checklist?

A messy house often leads to a messy mind. Stressing out over the state of your home when you don’t have time to clean can easily distract you from work and create discord in your family. 

When you need help tackling your household chores, you can rely upon first-rate maid service in Noblesville, IN to take all of your cleaning worries away. 

While it’s evident that hiring a professional house cleaning service works wonders in improving the quality of your life, many people wonder what a professional cleaning checklist includes.

How do I prepare my house for cleaning? 

Although professional cleaners are hired to take your mind off housework, that doesn’t mean you should make their work more difficult. There are several things you could do to ensure your maid can work smoothly and fulfill your expectations by providing you with excellent cleaning experience.

Tidy up before cleaning  

If a cleaner has to work around household items scattered throughout your home, they’d spend more time organizing your space than actually cleaning. That’s why you should declutter your home before the maid arrives to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid any items getting misplaced. 

Put out clean linens

If you want the cleaner to change your sheets, make sure you prepare clean ones and place them on each bed. The maid shouldn’t have to waste time opening all your closets searching for them. 

Secure your pets 

Although most cleaners are fine with pets hanging about, it is safer to find a secure spot for them to avoid any mishaps and allow the maid to work without distractions. Accidents happen, so you should do what you can to avoid them. 

What to expect from a house cleaner?

Exactly which responsibilities your maid will have will depend largely on the cleaning company you choose as well as your arrangement with the cleaner. While not all companies are the same, there’s a couple of things you should keep in mind to ensure you never expect too much or too little:

  • Provide clear instructions: when your maid arrives for the first time, you’ll save both of you some time if you openly discuss your expectations with the cleaner or give a clear-cut checklist of the tasks you wish the maid to perform. 
  • Don’t expect your cleaner to run errands: assigning your maid to take your kids to school or drop your clothes off at the dry cleaners is never advisable. 
  • Don’t make your maid climb: you shouldn’t put your cleaner at risk by making them climb ladders or chairs to reach high surfaces.
  • Don’t be impatient: your maid is a professional who uses high-quality cleaning tools and products, but that doesn’t mean you should expect your home to look revamped immediately after the first visit. 

Does my house cleaner need insurance?

You should never hire cleaners who are not bonded and insured, plain and simple. To avoid any negative experiences with your cleaning service, such as theft, damage to your property or paying medical bills for injured maids, you should make sure to check whether your cleaning company has the following types of insurance:

  • General liability: in case a cleaner breaks anything or happens to spill wine on your carpet, this type of insurance warrants that any damaged items will be replaced or compensated. 
  • Worker’s compensation: unless you want to be held responsible in case a cleaner suffers an injury in your home, make sure the company you hire obeys the state laws on worker’s comp. You can visit the Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana website for more information on this type of insurance. 
  • Bonding insurance: to protect yourself in case a maid steals an item from your house, you need to make sure that the cleaning company you choose is bonded. This way, any stolen valuables will be covered by the insurance.

Where to find exceptional Noblesville, IN maid services in? 

If you’re thinking about the benefits of hiring house cleaning services, know that we can provide them. Letting a professional cleaner take care of annoying household tasks allows you to focus your energy on work or finally go biking along the Monon Trail with your friends and family.

Are you wondering how to find the best cleaning company in Noblesville? If so, you can stop wondering! The outstanding services C&C Cleaning provides will enable you and your family to spend quality time in a fresh, sparkling clean home. Reach out to us today!